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A towing mirror is an additional mirror that is fixed on the car mirror; as a result the dead corner will be reduced, so that pedestrians, cyclists and cars are all seen in time.
Repusel Towing Mirrors (Alufor with aluminium arms and Luxmax with tinted glasses and stainless steel arms) are supplied with either flat glass or convex glass.
Flat glass: does not give any deformation, you see what see yourself. The distance of the traffic behind you is easily estimated.
Convex glass: the panoramic view of the glass gives a larger view. Distance and speed are more difficult to estimate.  After getting accustomed this is the better solution as you have a superior view and optically there are the ones with less vibration.
Does your towing mirror fit?
Whether a towing mirror can be fitted safely depends on the form and size of your car mirror.
Before buying a towing mirror first have a look whether your car mirror is well fixed to the coach-work to evade minimal vibrations. In case the car mirror is not suitable than the magnetic plate mirrors are a good solution for your door or motor bonnet.



The next generation REPUSEL towing mirrors with aluminium arms

The next generation REPUSEL towing mirrors with tinted-glass and stainless steel arms
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Repusel started out 25 years ago supplying caravan towing mirrors. In the course of time, however, Repusel has extended both its activities and range. Our collection is currently made up of a varied assortment of leisure articles. This is a timely response to the substantial increase in leisure time and the corresponding demand for leisure articles from the quality-conscious consumer. And especially the consumer gets royal service from Repusel!  This is by the way only done through recognized suppliers, such as: caravan, camping and motor caravan dealers, water sport businesses at home and abroad. Our motto is supplying reliable, honestly made products at a competitive price. TradeFolio Updated December 11, 2008 8:13 PM